Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Life is a lot like TransRockies...

I skimmed over the last few blogs written at least a year before entering Pharmacy School.  After the celebrations of making it in, I soon realized the real celebrations will be on making it out.  Alive.

Life has been, well let us say akin to purgatory.  After passing my first semester, but only by a narrow margin, I soon realized that my work-life balance approach to life would have to be put on hold.  Sundays with Jeremy have turned in to a few hours of precious time - usually on our bikes so I can kill two birds with one stone.  Yes, I just called my husband a bird.  Possibly a Tit Mouse.  They are pretty cute birds.

I am now coming out of midterms.  Only two exams left, a lab report, a case study and two labs next week, but all that is left is manageable.  Unlike the last few weeks.

When Jeremy and I did TransRockies back in 2010, I vividly remember every excruciating moment of climbing up and over the Continental Divide, pushing my bike up, up and over, grateful for every piece of carbon and XT component.  Pharmacy school is like that.  I put my head down and work.  Every once in a while during TransRockies I would reward myself with a bite of a Cliff Bar, a moment to take in the view and the promise of the proverbial summit and that I would stand there, for as long as I wanted to bask in the accomplishment of 3 hours pushing uphill.  And I did.  I am so grateful for the little things these days.  A tea date with a good friend, my mom's Roladden, an impromptu Hip Concert, a ride taken on stolen time through gorgeous single track with my favourite person.  It is these moments that get me through.  And also, the promise of the proverbial summit.  But not to dwell on that summit, for like a watched kettle, I know it will take so much longer to come to fruition if I do nothing else but wait for its arrival.  In the meantime, I have learned so much from my bike racing.  Training and studying need to happen every day.  Rewards are important.  There will be bad days, but dwelling on them dilutes the good ones.  Rest days are life savers.  And putting one foot in front of the other, is the only way to make it to the finish line.
the proverbial summit

the friends that keep me smiling

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