Sunday, April 29, 2012

Simmons Family, parasite-free in 2012

O-Cup #1 this morning.  And, just like everyone else posting on Facebook,  I am NERVOUS.  To calm myself down, I always try to think about what is making me the most anxious and focus on how I can control whatever that is.  Today, it is that after a season away from racing, I'm not really sure where to stand in the start pen.  I'm nervous that after a winter of training, I'm still not back to where I want to be.

But, then I looked in the mirror while getting ready and saw a completely different girl than the one who stared back at me last year.  I'm about 10 pounds heavier, and in my humble opinion, those 10 pounds look good.  My eyes and skin look brighter and I don't have to slather on make-up to erase the dark circles under my eyes.  So, wherever I end up this morning I will know that I have reached the goal that Jeremy set out for me last year:  Simmons Family, parasite-free in 2012.

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