Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm not lucky

I haven't bought new clothes in over a year and a half and the last new item was a suit for interviews.  My husband calls me cheap.  I prefer the term frugal.  The difference?  cheap implies skimping out on things that would make your life better; to me frugal means living within your means and saving for things that matter.

I must have heard a dozen times before coming down to California about how lucky I am to be able to take a month off and go on vacation.  Luck, I would say has nothing to do with it.  We all make choices.  I choose not to buy clothes, or other toys but instead to have adventures.  Last year it was TransRockies - a 7 day race from Fernie, BC to Canmore, AB.  Long before that it was kayak trips in Mexico, backpacking through Central America and mountaineering in Alaska.

I'm not saying that adventures are better than clothes, or electronics, or cars, or whatever.  But, I think that it's important to choose what will make your life more full.  For me, it's about experiences.  I would call it Good Livin', but then I'd have to pay a royalty to this guy; and that I'm too cheap for.
enjoying a chai tea and some sunshine in Ventura, CA with my wonderful husband

Saturday, February 12, 2011

This time I won't forget my shorts....

Jeremy leaves on Sunday for some well deserved sunshine in California.  And, before you go feeling sorry for me, I follow him down there next Saturday and am staying on for 3 weeks!

I've decided to put all responsibility on hold for a while... not that I have much.  I've been teaching contracts off and on for 4 years in high schools around Barrie and Orillia and inbetween have been a supply teacher.  Think back to your days as a youth when a SUPPLY TEACHER would walk into your classroom.  NOW feel sorry for me.

So for 3 weeks, this supply teacher is taking some time off.  WHAT? the summer holidays aren't enough.  Well, they probably should be, but it is time to put some perspective into my life and what better way than logging some hours on my beloved bicycles and some time on the beach in the sunshine.  I've been taking an online course in Special Ed which started a few weeks ago. I'm hoping that a change in my career path from classroom teacher to Spec Ed fits my personality a little better.  I seem to be one of few people who want to work with students with learning disabilities (I spent most of last year working in the field), so I'm also hoping that it will help me find something more permanent on the job front when I return.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Falling Down

Often the first thing my dad would ask me when I came home from ballet, or skating practice was: 'Did you fall today'.  If I answered 'no', I would get the disapproving dad look.  Why? Because not falling meant I didn't take any chances, didn't try anything new and subsequently, had learned nothing. 

Today, over 100 women  took over the bike park at Joy Ride 150 for their first ever, but hopefully annual Women's Weekend. It was amazing to see so many women out riding their bikes and each one pushing their comfort zones a bit.  It was also incredible to see everyone cheer on their new friends as they mastered new skills.

I conquered a few of my own fears thanks to Charlotte who forced me to fall today.  And I mean, she actually made me unclip out of my pedals and fall off one of the higher logs.  It was what I needed to get over my fear; I think we all need that push sometimes.  Two summers ago, my husband Jeremy fell off his bike and broke his knee cap in two.  I've been pretty afraid of trying stuff on my bike since then because I am afraid to fall.  Today, after my forced fall, I was able to ride a bunch of stuff I've never been able to (or willing to try to do) before, because it forced me to get over my fear.  And a couple of times, I did come off the bike, but not all falls are catastrophic.  Most of them, teach you that you are not yet on the right path and need to make some adjustments.

So, today I took some chances, I fell and I learned.  Did you fall today?